I went down and artisans beast at least sneak joints and certainly one person.
I mean professional work, out of the technique and speed enough to fondly, it was amazing.
I was made to feel the fear in that situation to fight approaching even if viewed from Haneda.
I had seen Chinese Mafia as each enjoying the fight. It will determine the technique to Rizumukaru and also smiled for a moment.

Mysterious sound Kankan~tsu, Zakuzaku~tsu, Zubo~tsu, Zubo~tsu, tense is echoed in many places.
In the struggle, without had already made (small war) Little War.
Not look good around, its location, only building is going to battle mosquitoes.

And, if they're not staring at each other with a sharp eye.
And police officers, a Chinese martial art and a guy that feat Yakuza, the karate fighting like a guy of pugnacity, a total of six people of Chinese mafia gathered with great interest and guy who were present for the occasion happens to have a bumping of heads was.
Or place, such as winning first move, and it moved to very beginning from the state of static with the intimidating, it was two of the Chinese mafia.
The grip each other both hands, to make each other skip to rotate the other party, and began to raid the four people to put out a knife to the heel and toe.

Go hanging on to defeat four arms of this is to change the track or open a 2 foot Shurushuru ×, to be closing.
But suddenly, and anti span, two people were standing in line to broke the bamboo.
The smiling face in a dubious smile.
Four people injured, dead zero. I put away the knife of the heel-formic ~I, Ban~tsu, and toe.

"Aa~tsu" × 2,
"Taa~tsu" × 2
Yakuza ran into very beginning.
Police officers, Chinese Mafia ran taciturn as tempted.

There was a guy that is taken back to the right arm, it is locked, became paralyzed is not taken.
Opponent, was a small guy is one size body.
"It's the other end, Give it up, I'll kill easily"
The smiling from behind, and took out a knife in the left hand.
"I'm slow you, and to kill"
I had a right arm that was taken, but the other party, if you are facing here, muzzle was devoted to the left temple.
Pushu~tsu, thud,
"I get to return the right arm, yakuza shop"
I walk expressionless.
Suddenly in a building that is repeated mortal combat,
"Guoooo ~"
Voice low enough to shake the earth and has resounded.
Yakuza is one person in the Chinese Mafia and the Yakuza and the police officers who had repeatedly mortal combat with six people
"Ugu~tsu upgrade ..."
And disappeared into the darkness instantly put out the cry of.

The red one is applied to the Chinese mafia at the same time, accident happens to one person.
"... Upgrade? ... Upgrade? ..."
Electricity in seems to flow throughout the body to stagger, I became higher tone of voice.
There is a change in the body Then it became to put on the floor as the hand and knee.

Ju ~ c ~ c ~, white smoke rising from the body.
And fallen in Maenomeri and knees.
The body, I did not also flutters.
Four People The remaining, was watching Chinese mafia, but I began to see towards the Yakuza disappeared in the dark to look at each other gradually.
The wielding (Naginata) halberd that Toton~tsu, with a long sword in particular, and on him five people who are stopped, and came to attack a man flying.
It was suddenly place you do not know Pyururun, Gusha~tsu, Dosa ~ ~ rumbling, what happened.
And five people saw! ? , In modern times, the bodies of only lower body broken mechanical man you do not believe it! ?

"... What?"
"I'm what, this?"
From events, sight in front of threaten them, and let the quiet, it has been allowed to stare.
In the end, the monster! ? There machine! ? It was broke the machine with the power and speed you away from common sense.

By force, such as coming into the inner monster is chasing the machine from the outside of the building, machine and monster, what animals body and nothing was of came out of the wall everywhere.
Kachan, Kachan, Kachan ...! ?
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
作家:Monali Padora
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