The wielding (Naginata) halberd that Toton~tsu, with a long sword in particular, and on him five people who are stopped, and came to attack a man flying.
It was suddenly place you do not know Pyururun, Gusha~tsu, Dosa ~ ~ rumbling, what happened.
And five people saw! ? , In modern times, the bodies of only lower body broken mechanical man you do not believe it! ?

"... What?"
"I'm what, this?"
From events, sight in front of threaten them, and let the quiet, it has been allowed to stare.
In the end, the monster! ? There machine! ? It was broke the machine with the power and speed you away from common sense.

By force, such as coming into the inner monster is chasing the machine from the outside of the building, machine and monster, what animals body and nothing was of came out of the wall everywhere.
Kachan, Kachan, Kachan ...! ?
Move disappear, monster divided by two from adding chameleon and sea cucumber, was decorated on the floor and wall dubious pattern of primary color by the time they appear! ?
You can crush a human or machine, or if you digested swallow.
Spit was the electrocution units with a timer.

The sword and human, machine was stronger by far the.
If you attack the left chest and head in the belief of human, able to inflict a fatal wound, was not.
It has a weapon type is similar to humans, early, from monster, it had become a scary out there for good. In addition, in a one-to-one defeat for the body of strong metal, I had become unfavorable.

The head of human battlefield of panic state, and where do not you, whether defeat, I was in situation you do not know at all.
Life and death was the luck of when God only knows.
Humans go knocked down one after another into a monster and machine.
As time passed, eliminating the factions, human, became to so cooperate.

Electrical fluorescent light disappears, it is to the environment of total darkness.
The human beings, the world of dark followed forever even Shutting was Doyomei, even open your eyes.
I would like to brainstorm voice soon.
I was visible yellow UFO as if casting a bait to fish bowl.
The approaches gingerly to the light police stay away from anyone, we will put explored by and out again and again with the left hand.
Close slowly face, while you are visually check the "heigh-ho ~!?"
Light, disappeared man to fall over, what had really happened! ? It was a state that does not know at all.

I was confirmed by the enemy radar.
Animal goes meeting each other, the light of dazzling enough to crush the eye and extremely high degree of sound to break Keane, the eardrum went to shrink the human.
The machine, was in the center and before I knew it.
Went tearing through the wielding the Achilles tendon and knee blades are long ... thin whippy.
Will continue to stick your hands and hips on the floor attacking the lower body.

You can hit the temple and chin to let Cynara, began to turn off the attacked eyes and ears, the neck.
I will not tell a knee on the floor and one by one.
I will send a signal to the fellow! ?
Tens of seconds after only, machine consisted in four body.
The all-out attack or hit, or kicked, or stabbed, or cut, and or shot, machine was performed submerged in the floor to ensure human.
Use the life reaction radar, to attack to the end, we will stop to ensure that the heart.
I was made around to look normal for the emergency lights went on.
Violent explosion to the extent that rupture the eardrum occurred in that brought down many people are fighting the monster.
Wall of the building was was blown up by a grenade.

"Hehhe ~, We're Gonna did"
"Yossha Tsu, 'll'll soon run away from here."
Yakuza who had concealed handgun and grenades, was trying to escape out of the wall with a hole open.
"Uhhyaha~tsu, the ~ ze did"
Coogee, Sususu,
"Ugh!? ..."
I saw the chest, sword is not penetrate the body, the body was returned to the building to force you can not see.
Wall black ones in a moment! ? Went buried.
Holes have healed! ?

From fear, yakuza around gathered was wide-eyed, some things that you can stop and will continue to back away.
The person who is, also, the sword one book from the head from the front, the person who is, from behind, and also the sword cross, a certain person, the moment you stand up, and dropped the weapon will cut you down right wrist with a gun as soon as you run away I cut you down right shin in the moment dropped the sword in the left arm, and tried to cover his left arm in the right arm.
"Do not try to confront the enemy to blame novice Nante run away, also absurd,, training does trivial"
The last one which was in place at the moment when I heard a low voice, was decapitated.
It's was in the spot, stand of arms a lot of pale, flock of samurai who was renowned had happened.
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
作家:Monali Padora
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