Find the location and number of people and the date and time from the data of the past, pick up, plan, prototype! ? I ran the.
You press the keyboard without offense with one finger, to the game lightly.
What you are thinking, what in the head or has become, one of the ordinary person! ? So it was that you do not understand.

And designated organized crime groups in Japan and the largest collection of the top of the "gang eradication total pep rally" a police officer, become rift be forced to clash in decent in certain building of a certain place.
And · · ·! ?
By being thrown in the light of dazzling everyone in an instant, be allowed to feel bad feeling like took the elevator.

Is it such a dream, seemingly just woke up from sleep, the light went pulling.
Blink one's eyes, and put his hand on the head.
Most people had squatted down, but either from animal conditions reflection, and start rising by moving the body.
I am sure to firm the brain, the area.
Each other even if wearing apparel black eye as soon as you can see, that it's enemies was found.
"In the sense of smell and pattern occupation" repel each other something, one was the pressure sense of justice and one eye is too harsh, also intimidating, scary eyes and too Surdo.
"... I'm what, oic, Corallo"
"A ~, Temei what, yo ~ What"
Intense tussle begins with the mouth nasty fight, shooting incident that is Banban~tsu, had gotten started in everywhere.

Bullets flying, white smoke floating in the air, shell casings are scattered, dead will increase. Will continue to Head Match Uchia~tsu to enemies as I think what I do not want a life.
The cool head! ? Ruthless! ? And as of a sniper and in, we will defeat the enemy in the correct shooting position by calculating.
Were some guys to fight the enemy in groups or small while beast.

Dazzling flash of lightning with no noise is heard everywhere in the building to play in the battle.
Most of the guys, or Looking Away, or close the eyes, or grimace, was held up in front of the hand.
'm A what! ? , What I started! ? , What's happened! ? , All, beasts that are in the place felt so, I was upset.
It came along at the moment the super martial arts school who also different, and armed battle group and we and beasts was shining.
From the bright light, such as protect your eyes and emitted brunt is linked to the string, and breaking through the right palm of the yakuza was good most high-spirited.
I catch a strong string with both hands.

Enemy spoke something.
"Tsu ... What? ..."
People stood and Suton~tsu to one person behind beyond the yakuza dashing.
I began to walk slowly away as the sound a little nose.
Then Suton~tsu! ? Body neck and fell sound-flop is then lost the Lord, fell down and Batan~tsu.

The light, it's came out of the light, messenger from the darkness symmetrical! ? It was a Chinese mafia rowdy. The deftly wielding a long spear, mastering well Blue Dragon sword or sword and rhinoceros and Tonfa, it went down as the game police and yakuza.
Another, here, Law, was not.
I went down and artisans beast at least sneak joints and certainly one person.
I mean professional work, out of the technique and speed enough to fondly, it was amazing.
I was made to feel the fear in that situation to fight approaching even if viewed from Haneda.
I had seen Chinese Mafia as each enjoying the fight. It will determine the technique to Rizumukaru and also smiled for a moment.

Mysterious sound Kankan~tsu, Zakuzaku~tsu, Zubo~tsu, Zubo~tsu, tense is echoed in many places.
In the struggle, without had already made (small war) Little War.
Not look good around, its location, only building is going to battle mosquitoes.

And, if they're not staring at each other with a sharp eye.
And police officers, a Chinese martial art and a guy that feat Yakuza, the karate fighting like a guy of pugnacity, a total of six people of Chinese mafia gathered with great interest and guy who were present for the occasion happens to have a bumping of heads was.
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
作家:Monali Padora
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