unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-

(Even I · · ·?)
(~ Even I · · ·?)

Tilt the voice of the heart in such guys, I listened.
Throughout angel · · · God, I thought and I'll come true. The world of dreams.

Even as tired, and was supposed to clean.
(Wow I'll grant a wish for you)
"Oh, you 'll come true for real.. You Tsu of a angel"
I wield a conductor like a magic stick.

Objects filled with pattern and those with a color, the thing that contains the pattern, it is washed clean in the washing machine tainted all, it is dehydrated and dried to each other.

Wish it, was "to fly in the sky fun".
Is always, work closest, it takes a human sweat on the ground, become dirty, it will become stinky. So I was talking to say without hesitation in peace to relieve stress, you want to fly.

Command is rejected, it is surrounded by a curtain of bath towel Aru aired together, magic is applied to the socks.
BGM and the rear-emission flows as bells on New Year's Eve at the end Piyopiyopiyo, Nyao, and Nha-tail.

Is it attracted to the voice of cheep! ? Snake appeared without, and from where.
I spread the wings naturally. However, the snake, it was not Dragon Gold. I go up to the top gradually as there is a roller coaster of a pyramid.
And was robbed the curtain of bath towel.

Dragon disappears, organ of the pattern of socks were floating through the air bath towel at the same time as fall and fluttering. The be many stand by alter ego, it has created a form of abacus ball.

Socks are arranged neatly, and cut into butterfly type, pattern is given, Viano song of healing of Ryuichi Sakamoto (ten ten te te te ten ten), abacus ball at the same time flows! ? Butterfly went scattered around in all directions from around naturally. The socks butterfly dancing in the air enjoying the time of the dream by changing the color and size of the blade, was in the room of a room.

Socks and who became a beautiful refreshing, it's down to the laundry pole to shine, the angel, it was visible.
One group was about to make the entertainment.
And Chibi to high toothpick and let Cho was fat, came out to walk it all together in dressed like a floor exercise.
It stops to make one column in the center.

The three roll except, there was nothing.
Drumbeat little by little will.
I grab the stick invisible toothpick Taka-tall put out both hands. "By"
Made right beside, you go up above with a shout out to be "by".

The Cho was fat also put out his arms.
I went climbing lying kicking in the air both feet Grasp the pole invisible.

Chibi also turn up your sleeves, put the Cobb small arms, to grasp with both hands the stick should not, lie, is made right beside with toilet paper of three pole kicking with feet on air, showing the air carp kicking the air I played Te.

Music box I feel such joy flows.
It's "theme song point lol" is liked by everyone.
P Te~tsu Te~tsu Ten Teketeketeke,
On page Te~tsu Te~tsu Ten Teketeketeke
It was was kicked in the leg three roll both air at the "Te~tsu Te~tsu" of.
From our equipment around, I get a lot of applause. Get. Morau. It was a storm of applause.

When I used to touched figure to go work hard to overcome the drawbacks of higher exposure to cheer on our equipment
Was considered.
I think impressed transmitted to the power and partner with more than effort, yourself, and it's great.
And he 's got a certainly in everyone. I Let's challenge to be outdone. Hey.
Wind chimes were distributed in the tray around the town on August 15 is waving in the wind, I had played the sound cool in everywhere.
However, from its tin, tin decorated in old Chadansu capped the dust that was old in contrast was ordered to form the alignment many.

Go, Gogo, Gogogo, Chadansu shakes, things fall. The break glass things, crockery or hit, or might fall.
Parin, Ballin, Basshan ...! ?
It is Wali on the floor, and Ru-if-La Chi.

However, the power of something what did join! ? Did you took! ? · · ·.
In disappear when you go lifted at a height thing which I scattered with broken, moving, playing. What is floating, it will disappear, broken the rhythm move, and play were being recycled.

Bell eight are arranged in clear distinction.
Has a personality to each, and crash around like smoke the color of the original bell, go aflame.
I went twirler invisible and tiny little umbrella Folded in front of the eyes past.

Bell begins to dance and fro to like unfamiliar to ballerina like a toddler.
Go to heal the household goods by playing the "Edelweiss" in the inner skirt and baton in eight.
Ederuwa-chair, Ederuwa-chair, low singing voice! ? It seemed, but it sounds beautiful voice of an angel that is easy hear, went echoing in everyone's mind.

I open both legs to float in the high jump step with clean fingertips.
"Edelweiss" disappears, it changes to "Swan Lake" for a moment.
Pin Light hits, bells from the following to Janbu to the next, it was moved to like looking at the comics.

Color is gradually changed, eight animals becomes swan One Animal, and start dancing the "Swan Lake".
I play the Swan Lake dress-up.
Struck me is daily life supplies all goods there is no movement and voice, to the left to the right → ← is shaken the body.

When fun, I went on behalf of the memories past.
Or from when, Jenka flows out of the finale.
The written test Tekette ~ ~ and ~ ~ Tererere Rerrerre~tsu, Let's, kiss, cheek,
Everyone had put both hands on the shoulders of the previous opponent.

Right, left, front, back, before, before, before, I went dancing people having fun in the sense of rhythm recognition.
I disappear from the screen and one by one,.
Of course, shaking hands with a smile.
Is selected Once upon a time, buy I like. Clean carpet that has been used every day.
Expensive carpet that had attracted the eyes of the people to ensure (carpet). Was popular.

Now, it goes black, hair carpet is crushed, slice, it looks even without dirty and faded, it was supposed to leave it in my bedding on the floor made to the place let alone purchase, taken the processing fee as garbage.
I was attracted eyes with a different meaning. The (see also miserably to figure)

While drawing a helix and that Ri ~ moth-ish brown big bad color-fluttering, fluttering ~, fat (but) is slowly from belching black ceiling came down.
While danced the dust of the floor and landing.
Moth was not dirty, back-or-was-if-you wings Yurarito swaying.

It was visible as if drowning at all.
Batatsukaseru, the repetition was also followed by, stopped and fluttering as if tired.
And, do you have exhausted · · stopped flapping finally, life is what runs out! ? · · ·.

! ? · · · Was performed by being sucked quietly on the floor.
Feather of a small two floating in white as opposed to sinking.
The one that seems much transparent face! ? With both hands! ? Both feet! ? But it was around the feather.

The ripples spread round like water in every time passes the floor together with its operation, was carried out gradually changed.
I was on the floor of Nazca picture of panda-like black and white.
At first, it was visible strange, but there was a prettiness of the original you get used to.

Ball of skeleton of volleyball has a big to come down slowly there, and hit the floor, the Spring over, disappeared.
Once in a while, English single letter was written.

L O V E l o v e M E d o.
You no I love you.
It hit the piano artistic every time a character is falling on the floor, I was on the idea that music box that was slowly flows.
The famous ball on the theme of love, such as Dreams Come True "Love Love Love", the song will continue to flow in sequence every time you fall.

One ball goes out of bed while it is playing.
Stop time, frame-by-frame state, time is back.
When from the world over there, and came back to the world of this Spring over, I was going back to the carpet is not dirty.
Ball disappears in the air, I was back in a quiet world of the time. A grain of dust! ? But I come down slowly from the ceiling.
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-
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