unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-

Is selected Once upon a time, buy I like. Clean carpet that has been used every day.
Expensive carpet that had attracted the eyes of the people to ensure (carpet). Was popular.

Now, it goes black, hair carpet is crushed, slice, it looks even without dirty and faded, it was supposed to leave it in my bedding on the floor made to the place let alone purchase, taken the processing fee as garbage.
I was attracted eyes with a different meaning. The (see also miserably to figure)

While drawing a helix and that Ri ~ moth-ish brown big bad color-fluttering, fluttering ~, fat (but) is slowly from belching black ceiling came down.
While danced the dust of the floor and landing.
Moth was not dirty, back-or-was-if-you wings Yurarito swaying.

It was visible as if drowning at all.
Batatsukaseru, the repetition was also followed by, stopped and fluttering as if tired.
And, do you have exhausted · · stopped flapping finally, life is what runs out! ? · · ·.

! ? · · · Was performed by being sucked quietly on the floor.
Feather of a small two floating in white as opposed to sinking.
The one that seems much transparent face! ? With both hands! ? Both feet! ? But it was around the feather.

The ripples spread round like water in every time passes the floor together with its operation, was carried out gradually changed.
I was on the floor of Nazca picture of panda-like black and white.
At first, it was visible strange, but there was a prettiness of the original you get used to.

Ball of skeleton of volleyball has a big to come down slowly there, and hit the floor, the Spring over, disappeared.
Once in a while, English single letter was written.

L O V E l o v e M E d o.
You no I love you.
It hit the piano artistic every time a character is falling on the floor, I was on the idea that music box that was slowly flows.
The famous ball on the theme of love, such as Dreams Come True "Love Love Love", the song will continue to flow in sequence every time you fall.

One ball goes out of bed while it is playing.
Stop time, frame-by-frame state, time is back.
When from the world over there, and came back to the world of this Spring over, I was going back to the carpet is not dirty.
Ball disappears in the air, I was back in a quiet world of the time. A grain of dust! ? But I come down slowly from the ceiling.
Cry in the dark midnight, one space of the circle only was bright.
World like watching a dream had spread.
I had enjoyed everyone is watching · · ·! ?

Some of the circle, there was a small circle another If you have a closer look well.
Ring next as if you were the phosphorus Bow dance ball double.

Some of the inner circle, there is a circle of triple vertical, in jail like stylish, under, there was a foot of seven colors of this as octopus.
It was coming slowly falling ball here and there, such as the ball is transparent like soap bubbles on the floor packed with the room from the ceiling.

Depending on height, color changes, sound seems to go different.
Hand to light, such like "game hitting mole" at hand! ? Ball up, down, left and right to the light that you attach lightly, then warp in all directions, overlap and light, put out the sound.
The warp by moving moment disappearing rapidly, go overlaps the light.

It hit the cymbals and drums the "drummer yakuza" Ishihara Yujiro a feeling reminiscent of the lightning of the room in a bright though, it has been played in rhythm with the force, such as visible stick invisible.
I go played Matsutoya Yumi also "It Spring". Repeat Play ~ ~ etc · · ·.

Rattus norvegicus dirty you've been doing that bad until now or from when, one animal who came from somewhere had seen cross-legged in the middle and don it.
The Miiri in full, it was swallowed.

For walked shaking shoulders aspect rat fellow new on the hump Fute what animals also many animals gradually, sat down and wham, it is allowed to sharp your eyes and sit down and bang.

I was attracted suspicious, the new guys we fear people.
However, the inner surface, had been cleansed heart unlike appearance.
Again, bad guy from the core, did not seem well.
Again, the location of the mind and judgment of each is difficult. · Let's take a change ....
In this space, was not echoing sound one quiet.
This room which is based on the white! ? The, there was nothing, and it was also like a campus of drawing paper painting. Flat, there is no depth ...! ?

Suddenly, black gloves appeared and pom-poms to move the hand with a meat ball dogs and cats are playful.
The power of expression the human body without gloves of two or open, or grasped, or the finger action, you can increase the what would not, or down, or pull, or stop, with or contracted to like have a pantomime It will make it with.
(Person is present · · ·?)

Tsu hand, hand Tsu, Tsu hand, 4, BGM × Tsu hand began to flow into the room.
I slide into the moonwalk, press the black seal in the air, shoes with a rounded black came out.
They traveled created a stage of Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" is in partnership with pantomime.
Ruins of old, faded naturally to complement the new mark for when there are no more.

You are the moon walk, but the footprints will be smaller, we will draw a depth to white campus.
I will leave a mark in all directions left and right upside down.

Depth disappears in a place where, I express, to disappear, to express, to draw a footprint in the wheel like a mouse, and warp, will continue to dance performance a musical circus + Magic.

Becomes a black spherical black ink to cell division, footprints, was scattered small.
"With you" of the uterus and Ayaka flows in Viano sound slowly.

Where white gloves and a ping-pong ball is hit the piano, and played the sound, to tell against the cry of the soul and the intensity of the sound to the performance, it was gone the mix performance art by changing the speed and size and color by the sound was.

In addition, it begins to walk towards the future.
Hair types and colors, form a different color · ∠ · vinegared · ξ · ⊂ · ∽ and over-is, had fallen on the floor spread of ruins absent of people.
Is made along with the dust, it was dirty. Was not dirty.

From somewhere, and floating through the air thick and short stick to "Kin-chan run" like, to come out while shaking, wrote a letter in the air.
"Showtime Start?"

Hair! ? But, it runs on everywhere! ? Was.
However, the line is thin and visually, it was the state that what is not known somehow.
From the top, black rain came falling like Niagara. Room during become Makkuroku.

Fish from weak fish is strong, making the oval hair off a fluorescent color variety (like ball of fish) bait ball to protect themselves, it was turning clockwise.
I was building a future electric and fluorescent light a living moving up and down left and right.
You can change the rotation, or blink, or change the form, or to the coalescence and separation.

I became dark again also, and.
Is it stopped, do you finished, darkness with no perspective for a long time was followed.

Small point small appeared near the center.
While shaking slightly, and increases the light slightly, it became big.

Feeling light is scattered, spread the delicate lightning everywhere, and it fade away represents a wide variety of colors forever! ? I go followed.
However, it was silent.

A similar pattern was made and also close periodically.
It was reflects the world have never seen humans.

It was a work of art that you return to the child when it comes to summer, is art dots and lines of light, with concentrated color and, what was seen from directly below the sparkler you can see, had been depicted.

It was beautiful clean much be the memory of a couple of summer.
Sound should not hear remains to mind ... admire ... hear.
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-
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