unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-

Hair types and colors, form a different color · ∠ · vinegared · ξ · ⊂ · ∽ and over-is, had fallen on the floor spread of ruins absent of people.
Is made along with the dust, it was dirty. Was not dirty.

From somewhere, and floating through the air thick and short stick to "Kin-chan run" like, to come out while shaking, wrote a letter in the air.
"Showtime Start?"

Hair! ? But, it runs on everywhere! ? Was.
However, the line is thin and visually, it was the state that what is not known somehow.
From the top, black rain came falling like Niagara. Room during become Makkuroku.

Fish from weak fish is strong, making the oval hair off a fluorescent color variety (like ball of fish) bait ball to protect themselves, it was turning clockwise.
I was building a future electric and fluorescent light a living moving up and down left and right.
You can change the rotation, or blink, or change the form, or to the coalescence and separation.

I became dark again also, and.
Is it stopped, do you finished, darkness with no perspective for a long time was followed.

Small point small appeared near the center.
While shaking slightly, and increases the light slightly, it became big.

Feeling light is scattered, spread the delicate lightning everywhere, and it fade away represents a wide variety of colors forever! ? I go followed.
However, it was silent.

A similar pattern was made and also close periodically.
It was reflects the world have never seen humans.

It was a work of art that you return to the child when it comes to summer, is art dots and lines of light, with concentrated color and, what was seen from directly below the sparkler you can see, had been depicted.

It was beautiful clean much be the memory of a couple of summer.
Sound should not hear remains to mind ... admire ... hear.
I was not alive! ?
I had finished my work of a lifetime! ?
Garbage! ? The place here, was that is determined, of debris.
Fractionated! ? Mountains was making mountains.

Darkness changed the eerie around when it comes to evening and night, and alienated people. Attendance time of terror king.
However, in the gray zone, it was hanging Rally is performed.

Hundred's, please enter your. Fry our Bideatepu and mobile, DVD broken had a jump rope fun vine tree.
The turnover, playing to fly.

Waste of adults began to recreational and athletic meet as if it had returned to the child's mind.
The commotion began happily put out the laughter and smile with such a tug-of-war and defeat bar and obstacle relay.
Is in, act or cheer, or moss, or scraped and was also seen.

Put the lubrication oil and alcohol, to become comfortable, and a conversation in those who do not know each other, and set the shoulder, and became friends.
I made a promise and foolish talk.
There were also skirmishes and mouth cost and arm wrestling, but the stress divergence, it was home away from home anyway.

Any guy that does not match of the mind, any guy who does not like, you can fight a few times, if you or injured each other, still, it was mind to toss understand somewhat.

The committed exclude the presence of each other, the shared committed.
Time, might have taken, but I became a fellow. I became a partner in crime that pain is known.
Now, I do not want to say it is a close friend.
Friend has increased.
The night with the open, or soul mate, was scattered.
You can also go to an appointment.
I tried to call him everyone growled, was Funba~tsu, "Mmm ...?", "Un-, un-...?" He said.
Mmm whiff of tea, Well sound, was massaging it around with ~, to voice.

Was known as "WC" toilet. After finishing the work happily in a bath, poop and ammonia, had accumulated.
As it were to human beings, it smelled of dirt without.

But God, me watching over gently.
". 3.2.1 ... snap you'll shining only once now. Guys, sound ring the finger to cheers for good work"

Filth, white in an instant! ? Skeleton you! ? It becomes, issued a shine.
Was like a jewel.
"Cache ...?"
"Cache ...?"
Shoe, user, Zaza~tsu.

Angel of 10 centimeter in transparent tics come and skate a hollow, air! ? Different space! ? It was the place you are having fun playing with Capitan Capitan to make the white fog about adding an edge to.

Abegg! ? Herring roe in our dozens of animals in the ear ... everywhere the position is to make the fog, it was the play intently and to glide.
only moment that fog can be, rainbow of crystal type of snow or heart-shaped and perfectly round type was from enjoy.

Why rainbow of various forms is a can do, there was something strange strange.
But it was one of the sports where there is fun no matter what what the next occurrence.

decoration of fog has been made everywhere, while disappear down and went to fall.
It was feeling like a winter snow of the human world though.
In addition there seems to be sometimes, "loser", surprised the angels let a big sound like firecrackers and paan without the video! ? I was also amused to let be.

It was that of a lad playing kid named "mischief Nymph fog".
Also the end of playtime, angel, disappear and sound Pachin~tsu along with sound, the fog disappears, the crystal is gradually falling, I went back to the world of the original human.

The poop, source of fertilizer plants and fruit, he 's do have to take care.

I have to cherish even slight fun given time.
The thought, I tries to continue to have full heart I made many.
Chan Chan, Ri-I-get.
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-
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