unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-

Ground ball in the middle of the day are warm to 1 April.

From sneakers human, CD deck accessories cute little stuffed animal fell off the Butsun while you are walking.

CD deck, go into an elephant no one in the manner that pull on the fishing line. Pin Light of light of the sun, was stopped at the place where it hits.

I move around the floor of the tree that has accumulated dust-free angel is making fun of rat. The dull and energy-~I Tsu.

Thriller Michael flows from the CD. Dust in the room create the shape of a human in many places, it came out eerily like a zombie that revives from the grave. I dance the dance.
I do the moonwalk.
From Thriller, the music suddenly changes to tango, from the field of dance contest near the center, first floor, went to the ball changed to use the whole soon.

Puchimatchi stick pair of colorful monopolize the floor.
te, te, te, chul, chu, chu,
te, re, re, te, re, tere.

The Takare phosphorus matchstick write a circle in the end before, it was set on fire.
The rendition of the fire in the camp, it portrays a picture of Mona Lisa on the floor, to greet the end.

The breeze of the moment, ash painting, regained the silence of the day-to-day and lost, also elephants.

The children's room, the train had made tree stuffed animal or doll Licca-chan and game set of dolls and other soft hero and monster dolls and soccer ball, and block of the plane were lying without a lot of foot stomping.

Music box of "cha-cha toy" and Ri ~ that slow suddenly begins to sound, stuffed cute train with the roundness that was in a corner began to shake and wobble.

Train with the rounded, will go, I shrank the unit of electrical resistance and Hyoko~tsu to Ω (ohm) like.
It went on to come in front of the eye and Kunekune with stretches or become ohms caterpillar like the feeling Penyo~tsu, and Penyo~tsu.

I disappear to the other side of the wall.
However, the caterpillar train, yarn mischievous friendship of the toy society invisible was attached.
Fan you Squiggle a dance likes to have as substitute for, came.

Foundation neck and a break dancing little by little, I was enjoying a brilliant foot step. I or you can turn into a tap in the middle part.

Hold the floor with arms, step floats in the air.
It was a farewell to hat like by removing the radial network of safety for the right hand.
Throw rotating propeller is not impossible, aircraft, became a float upside down.

Electricity down to let the thought "goodbye", per dims. Production by more.

Fan of upside down sparkling star pattern, I created a starry sky on the ceiling.
Milky Way, shooting stars, constellations, star group · UFO! ? But, to draw the universe. Will spread.

Was transformed into a celestial aurora image moves by the wind to turn wall ceiling, four-way, such as the floor and I think either.
One side was the Antarctic. There were penguins and polar bears.
I also became a pond. Koi colorful seven animals were swimming in. Was fascinating.

After a few minutes, the curtain is closed to fade out, and returned to a normal environment.

The long-awaited summer vacation, their parents hot summer and our children had to go to the beach to the sea together.

Around the day, it was a house to raise the incense stick to your altar, Aru and also your offerings.
Mosquito coil spiral was placed on the desk of the same wood near the center always.
During the day, although he Aru closed towards the corner.

Imperceptibly, wispy smoke rises near the center. Mosquito coil of clear appears below.
Spiral incense is clear, no longer disappear wispy smoke and at the same time stick to the ceiling.

Drop a drop of fell toward the floor from the hollow.
Saturn made a circle on the floor brink, red sun, and blue earth, small drops fell on the floor at the end.

From FROID cushion over the tea, one side is switched on the water bluish.
Ripples will spread on the surface of the water.

Ripples of another circle went to be able to water without thinking much about it by the time the ripples disappear.
Sun greenish children like painted on the surface of the water appeared.

Kappa with overhead dishes made preparations to face the surface of the water.
From above, egg oval came down somehow.
It had changed to UFO and white clouds above and also have been distracted by the egg.

Music box a cappella duet, "Turkish March" of Sachiko Yasuda Saori Yuki and singer flowed every time you return the eggs in the top and bottom.

Turkey is played march to be healed in the living room without a human being swept away in the wind, I disappear outside.

(Even I · · ·?)
(~ Even I · · ·?)

Tilt the voice of the heart in such guys, I listened.
Throughout angel · · · God, I thought and I'll come true. The world of dreams.

Even as tired, and was supposed to clean.
(Wow I'll grant a wish for you)
"Oh, you 'll come true for real.. You Tsu of a angel"
I wield a conductor like a magic stick.

Objects filled with pattern and those with a color, the thing that contains the pattern, it is washed clean in the washing machine tainted all, it is dehydrated and dried to each other.

Wish it, was "to fly in the sky fun".
Is always, work closest, it takes a human sweat on the ground, become dirty, it will become stinky. So I was talking to say without hesitation in peace to relieve stress, you want to fly.

Command is rejected, it is surrounded by a curtain of bath towel Aru aired together, magic is applied to the socks.
BGM and the rear-emission flows as bells on New Year's Eve at the end Piyopiyopiyo, Nyao, and Nha-tail.

Is it attracted to the voice of cheep! ? Snake appeared without, and from where.
I spread the wings naturally. However, the snake, it was not Dragon Gold. I go up to the top gradually as there is a roller coaster of a pyramid.
And was robbed the curtain of bath towel.

Dragon disappears, organ of the pattern of socks were floating through the air bath towel at the same time as fall and fluttering. The be many stand by alter ego, it has created a form of abacus ball.

Socks are arranged neatly, and cut into butterfly type, pattern is given, Viano song of healing of Ryuichi Sakamoto (ten ten te te te ten ten), abacus ball at the same time flows! ? Butterfly went scattered around in all directions from around naturally. The socks butterfly dancing in the air enjoying the time of the dream by changing the color and size of the blade, was in the room of a room.

Socks and who became a beautiful refreshing, it's down to the laundry pole to shine, the angel, it was visible.
迷 彩映 (mei saiei・メイ サイエイ)
unidentified rainbow egg -smile rhythm-
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